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I have the bulk of my files on a Win2008 server, not on network PC's. Will your product search server shared folders that are not mapped as local drives. Also Norton Security is telling me that your product is not Trusted. why now? David Charlton
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1. Yes. Text Finding can also search files and folder in remote server. Please do as follows:

a. Run Text Finding on your pc and the remote server.

b. In the remote Text Finding, click " Http Server - Start Server".

c. Open any browser, then input the server's ip and username, password.

d. Search any files on the remote server.

2. Text Finding is a newly released software, so there is no "Text Finding" in the trusted list of Norton Security. Please do not worry about that. Text finding is an  absolutely safe software.

For more information, please visit Text Finding software website:


Thanks for sharing such useful information! I will try Text Finding to search for text files.

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