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A MultifunctionalText Searcher

Text Finding is an advanced desktop file search tool,which offers multiple functions.
Sometimes you may feel headache to find a specified file in your laptop,because of
 forgetting the name or too many files in your PC,you need  a reliable tool to help you.
Text Finding is regarded to be the best desktop search tool .

You may ask several questions :
How to find a designed file in few seconds?
How to view full-text within a file?
If I could not remember the file name,how can I find it out?
I would like to search a file accurately,how to do that?
Is there any freeware help me to find a specified file?
What is the easiest  way to share files to multiple computers?
Are you looking for a freeware that can perform full text search on your computer and network instantly ? Text Finding can be your best free full- text search finder, which can instantly find files with text on your PC and networked computers. It can perform full-text content search in many types of files, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Outlook Express, text, and many more.
Download Text Finding and try it !

What benefit can you get from Text Finding?

*Immediately view full-text content within a file 
It may be not so fast enough for you to open a Word, Excel or PDF file and view its content with Office or Adobe Reader. You'd better try Text Finding, which offers a "Full-text Viewer" and helps you to view full text of the file quickly and conveniently. You can also check the keywords you want to search in the text.

*Save search time on a specific file
With the advanced search function in this full-text search software, you will get the search results in seconds. Unlike other file search programs, they spend you lots of time to search a file,while Text Finding can  search the disk in NTFS and FAT format, as well as finding files and sort them according to file size and modified date.

*Provide both indexed and non-indexed search
There are many file search widgets in the market, but they can only perform either indexed search or non-indexed search. Text Finding is much more poly-functional . It can build real time search index on file content with increased re-indexing of new or updated files. So you can perform quick search to fast find files on PC. Besides indexed search, non-indexed search is also available. You can find any files or documents on your desktop and the network drives easily.

*Share files to all computers in the company (via LAN)
Using Text Finding in your company, you can share any types of files to your group network instantly.Simple, fast and useful! You don't need to install a server. You can just run Text Finding and connect it to the local network, then you will see other networked computers. After connected, you are allowed to search more than one laptops at a time. You can also preview and download the found files from other computers. From now on, it is so easy and fast for you to find and get the shared files at any time in your company, which will greatly improve your working efficiency.

Other Key Functions 

----Find any File - Numerous File Types
----Webpage source: htm, html, asp, aspx, php, jsp, shtm, shtml, cfm, mspx
----Any other file types: batch files, any plain-ASCII text files
----Find files stored anywhere on your pc or network
----Set your folders available for network search or just for private desktop search
----Netowrked computer quantity you can search at a time
----File Search Engines
----Specific file search engine, such as: pdf search engine
----LAN file search engine for teams, offices, projects

How to use Text Finding?
*How to Register Professional Edition (Upgrade the Free Edition to Professional Edition)
Purchase a license online :
You can go to our BuyNow page to place your order. After the order is processed successfully, you will get a confirmation email with an order number.

How to register Text Finding?
Method one:
Please input your order number in the registration form to obtain the license key with which you can complete the online registration automatically or you can manually input the license key ("Help - Register").

Method tow:
Please copy the hard code of your computer,then send it to us ,we will send you a license key to you as soon as possible.After receiving the license key,just need to paste in to the box,then the registration is completed.

*How to search my laptop?
1.Input what you want to search in the input box, and search files by file name, folder name or file text. You can search files on the whole computer by file name or folder name, and search files on text search index by file text.
2.The results searched by file text will appear in “Word” tab. It shows that the file contains the word.
3.In Text Location, it will show where the text is in the file if you click the text in search result list.



Text Finding is really a fast and easy to use file search tool. It does a great job in finding text in files.

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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)