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Text Finding- a Powerful PDF Search Engine

 Most people have numerous documents, spreadsheets, photos, music and video stored on their computer, some of which may be only for temperary use.  If you are one of them, sooner or later, however, you may have trouble locating a PDF file inside the piled-ups when you need it . 

Have you ever spent more than half an hour in frantically searching PDF files for text, only to find that none of the files you have found is that PDF document you are looking for? Do you want to search for PDFs on your LAN PCs in a fast way? To save your time and energy and make sure the searched results  are really PDF format, you need to use a powerful PDF search tool. Text Finding may be the one that you are looking for. It is the fastest way to search for PDF files and best search application for PC that indexes PDF files contents. 

There are multiple files  on your computer or network PC, so it's normal for some PDF files to become lost every once in a while. Those PDF files may be moved from D drive to F drive , or locate in folders containing many different files, which makes it hard to find out the PDF file you need. However, using Text Finding PDF search program, even if you don't remember PDF file name, it is likely to find it out across multiple files and folders.

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 The following features list may help you get much more familiar with Text Finding.

Key Features

  • Find any file type in a matter of minute
  • Search multiple files instantaneously
  • Search multiple pdf files once
  • Support searching a single computer and network PCs
  • Powerful network files search tool
  • Allow to search by content
  • Support searching by file name
  • Sort the searched results by modified date or size
  • Customizable  file size and modified date range
  • Gather index and non-index searching
  • Reindex the newly modified documents automatically (no need to reset new search indexes)
  • Adjustable creating index speed
  • Display text location
  • Save searched results
  • View the full text
  • Share your files with your network computers
  • Get shared files
  • Simple graphical use interface
Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow Support Online Manual

All in all, Text Finding is best free file search software to find text inside a file on your single computer or LAN PCs. It can quickly find PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, Outlook Express, sharings, and many more on Windows computer.  It is both desktop search tool and network file search utility. Especially, it is a powerful PDF search engine.

Please feel free to download the permanent free version:
or get more information about the program:

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About Text Finding
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Text Finding can instantly find any file on your computer and network. This conetent search software can find files by text, file type, file name, file size and time. It can build search index to perform quick full-text search on your PC and networked computers in your local network (LAN)


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