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How to search pdf content with a powerful pdf search engine that can scan your desktop and network computers ? Text Finding is a free software utility to help you instantly find pdf files across multiple computers on the local network (LAN). With the pdf search index, you can find any pdf quickly no matter it is stored on your own computer or any netwoked computer in your office, Text Finding is not only a content search software program for pdf files, but also a network content searcher for any files. The application enables you to instantly perform full-text content search in many types of files, including PDF, Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Outlook Express, text, and many more.

If you are going to search for text across multiple pdf files to locate a pdf document you need, the best way is to find a quick pdf text search tool instead of opening them one by one manually. One of the amazing features about Text Finding is that you can search the PDF you want with a full text search index so that you can find the pdf file in seconds with the text string you specify. The program’s built-in PDF search engine will allow you to have a fuzzy search or perform a exact phrase search.

TextFinding is a high-performance, full-text search tool for your PC and local network.It is the best software for search pdf containing text. Download TextFinding now and try all the features at once, no matter you wan to look for PDF documents or any other types of files.

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Why is a powerful and fast PDF document search software important?

Nowadays, PDFs may be one of the most commonly used documents in most offices because it can avoid accidental modifications by unauthorized users. But it is much more difficult to search for particular text strings in PDFs than in Word documents because the text inside PDF files are not indexed by Windows or by other desktop search apps. As a result, you need to spend more time in searching if you need to find a specific text inside of PDF files. Sometimes, you may manually open each one and perform a search. It’s not a problem, if you are simply searching for some text in one PDF, however, if you need to search across multiple PDF documents, it will become a big project. At this moment, a PDF search tool is of vital importance, and undoubtedly, Text Finding is the one for you.

Text Finding- A Fuzzy PDF Search Engine

Have you ever spent more than half an hour in frantically searching for PDF on your Windows 7 or Local Network PC, only to find that none of the files you have searched is the PDF document you want? Do you want to spend less time and energy finding PDF files? Do you want to get files that are exactly PDF format? To save your time and energy and make sure the files you find really are PDF format, you need to use a powerful and efficient PDF search engine. In this case, Text Finding is the one that meets your need and you can depend on. It is a best freeware and easy-to-use utility to search PDF files for text.

There may be numerous files or folders on your computer, so it's normal for some PDF content to become lost once in a while. PDF Files may be moved to new folders, or locate in folders that are full of many different files, which makes it hard to find the one you want. However, using Text Finding search engine, even if you don't remember the name of the PDF file, you can still possibly find it out inside multiple files and folders.

Now, some of you may ask, " How can I search for text inside multiple PDF files at once using Text Finding ?""How do I search for a pdf file?"

The following solutions may help you:

  • Search PDF document by file name or content on your own PC

    Using Text Finding, no matter in what way (with file name or with its content) you search for the PDF files, you can get the results in multiple files or folders on your desktop in a matter of minutes. If you search by entering one word, e.g. “search”, it will display PDF text with “search” and the “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button stays gray. If you inputting a phrase or sentence, e.g. “search engine”, you will find all PDF texts containing “search”, “engine”, but not always the complete phrase “search engine”. In this case, you need to click “Exact Phrase Match Checker” button to get the exact phrase match results (which are ticked in the search results).

  • Find PDF text by size or modified date

    Text Finding engine supports to search for PDF files with file size or modified date. You can set the specific size (Byte, KB, MB or GB) and the modified day (today, this week, this month, this year), or customize a size or date range. There is no limitation in size and date with Text Finding PDF search engine.

  • Serch for text Files by regex

    Text Finding allows finding text inside multiple files by regex. That means you can find content in different file types. For example, if you enter ".mp3t” or “.pdf” in the input box, it will show all the MP3 music files or PDF documents in your previously selected searching scope.

  • View or download PDF files across network desktops

    Text Finding is best free software for searching PDF containing text on your LAN PCs. If you want to search PDF text on your network computers, you can select one or more shared PCs which are also running Text Finding, and input what you want to find in the search box. It will show the results in the “Search Result” box at once. Then, you can right click and choose “View Text” for reading the whole PDF text. In addition, you can get the searched PDF file you want by right clicking and selecting “Get File”. That PDF file will be downloaded in your defined path (Settings-Path to Get Files ).

  • Search PDF text in an indexed or non-indexed way

    Text Finding engine owns a powerful and unique function, offering indexed searching and non-indexed searching. It can directly check the PDF files, even if you haven’t installed Adobe Reader or other PDF editing software on your PC. The indexed PDF files will synchronize with the (changed) text to ensure the accuracy of the search results. You can set the indexed scope as a folder, a few folders or all drives on your PC. If the PDF files are changed in the indexed scope, Text Finding will automatically create index for them. But if some PDF files are removed, their corresponding text in the indexed scope will be also deleted. It is the best search application for PC that indexes pf files contents. Unlike indexed search, non-indexed search has no such restriction. Using non-index PDF finding, you can define the search scope and files types at random.

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An Example of PDF Searching Using Text Finding

Text Finding supports to narrow down search results and find the exact contents or files that you’re looking for. Please look at the following example which may tell you how to search multiple PDF documents at once using Text Finding:

Search for PDF text that contains two particular words (“search engine”) in specific drive (D drive):

If you want to find all the PDF files with words "search engine", you can use index searching or non-index searching.

If you choose the indexed search, the first step is to “Create Text Search Index” in “Settings”. The second step is to select the index scope (D drive) and file type (.PDF) and click “Create” button. Then enter the word “search enginet” in the search box and press “Enter”. The results will be showed within a second. After that, you need to select “File Text” in “Search” and then the PDF documents with “search engine” will be displayed in results field.

However, if you don’t want to spend time on index creating, you can choose non-indexed search. Click “Non-Indexed Search” in “File”, enter “search engine” in the search box and then choose “D drive” in “Search Scope” and “.pdf” in “File Types to Search”. Finally, click “Search” button. Then all the PDF documents containing "search engine" in D drive can be seen in the results.

Key Features:

  • Find any type of files in a matter of minutes
  • Search multiple pdf files once
  • Support searching files on your own desktop and network PCs
  • Allow specifying powerful searching methods:
  • Search for particular content by file types
  • Search files containing text by file name
  • Find documents by modified date
  • Search full text in word, excel, pdf documents by size
  • Customizable file styles, file size and modified date range
  • Gather index and non-index finding
  • Reindex the newly modified documents automatically (no need to reset new search indexes)
  • Adjust the speed of creating index freely
  • Have the feature of "Exact Phrase Match"
  • Allow searching specific text strings in PDF files. No need to install any PDF programs.
  • One Click for searching image, music or video files.
  • Sort the searched results by file name, file path, modified date and size
  • Search over a great number of files instantaneously
  • Display text location
  • Save searched results
  • Open files or folders the found text or files locate
  • View the full text by double clicking the results or right clicking and selecting "Full Text Viewer"
  • Share your files with your LAN desktop
  • Get shared files
  • Set the path to get shared files
  • Show file-get results
  • Be specific file search engine, such as PDF search engine
  • Be LAN search engine for teams, office, companies, etc.
  • Have user-friendly interface
  • ......

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The more PDF files or other files you have stored on your Windows 7 or XP, the more time and energy you need to spend in searching and thus less time you can spend on your daily work, which may make you work less efficiently and productively. Text Finding, a user-oriented PDF search engine, is made for individuals and corporates who want to free up their time and energy so that they can focus on their work. This powerful finding tool lets you find whatever you need on your desktop in a swift way and makes your computer and work stay organized so that you can become much more energitic and productive.

Therefore, one of the vitalestl benefits you may realize by using Text Finding is increasing working efficiency. If you have a great number of PDF documents on your PC or LAN computers, using our Text Finding tool, you can quickly and exactly locate your needed files even if you don't remember the file name. It can greatly reduce your searching time and increase your working efficiency.

Furthermove, Text Finding is designed with some flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Combining index and non-index finding methods
  • Offering the options of finding documents by files types, modified time and file size, ect.
  • Providing you with searching on your local computer and your LAN PCs

What Are the Advantages of Text Finding?

Compared with other search engine, Text Finding has much more advantages. Please take a look at the following comparison table between Text Finding and Copernic Desktop Search.

Text Finding Copernic Desktop Search
Can index while searching for PDF text Find text inside PDF files only after indexing
Create searching index in a matter of second Cost much more time to index
Allow non-indexed search across PDF files Not
Support "Exact Phrase Match" Not
Allow viewing text location Not
Support searching PDF documents on Local network computers Not
Search for PDF files much more swiftly than Copernic Not as fast as Text Finding
Support sharing your PDF files with your network partners Not
Offer a permanent free version Only provide 30-day free trial
Much cheaper (Professional version) More expensive

Interested in this freeware to search inside multiple pdf files at once? If you answer with "yes", take action right now!

Free Download Texting Finding to have a permanent free trial: http://www.textfinding.com/Download.asp

Purchase a license online to upgrade it to Pro Version which has more powerful features: http://www.textfinding.com/Buynow.asp

Go to our Online Mannual page to see how to find text in files using Text Finding: http://www.textfinding.com/support.asp

For more details about this PDF search engine, please go to www.TextFinding.com.