Text Search Software to Find any Files Containing Specific Text

When you are comparing programs to search phrases in files, please do not omit Text Finding, the simple text search tool that allows you to search text inside files and documents very quickly. This handy file searching software lets you generate indexes for the folders you will search inside, and then you can perform fast text search with the full text index. In addition, you can search for text within multiple files on multiple computers, and any network user can use a web browser to search files by content on a file server (actually it may be a common computer) as long as you run Text Finding and make http file server setup on that machine.

No matter you need a pdf indexer for searching pdf documents on pc, or need to locate a file containing a particular text across network, Text Finding can fulfill your text search needs at work because its advanced file indexer inside the software will index full text content for all the files in your hard drives. This text searching tool can read inside files that contain particular text strings and show the results to you very fast. And exact matched results will appear first. The text search index will also include all the text in file names, so the file search utility can find files by text contents as well as file names.


If you are looking for a software tool for searching text within multiple files, please download Text Finding, which is powerful and professional text search utility because of its full text index technology. Text Finding is also a free text search tool that is for your permanent use. If you need more features, then you can upgrade to the professional version.

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How to search for text within multiple files quickly ?

As a secretary who have to deal with a lot of documents everyday, sometimes you may encounter some touchy issues, for example, you may ask yourself "how can I find a text in any file on my local disk?" after your boss give you an imediate request to find a pdf file containing specific text string. But you have millions of pdf files in your hard drive. How should you do ? Can Windows Search work as pdf search softwae to search pdf files? The answer is no. You need find a professional software to search pdf files. Text Finding is such a kind of software to search for text within multiple pdf files qucikly after indexing pdf files in your hard disk. How to find text in pdf files in seconds by using this text search software ? Multiple text file file search on desktop pc is a big challenge for many office staff. Searching and locating texts inside a number of xls, pdf, doc or docx files is difficult for people who don't have muck computer and software skills. And it is time-consuming if you use Windows Text File Search Tool to search multiple text files. Particularly, when you need to search pdf files for specific text, the text search utility built in Windows cannot work for pdf file search. You must find a professional pdf content search tool. However, many file search applications will need spend much time to build indexes for text searching, and they usually are not inexpensive. As one of the most popular text search tools, Text Finding, can search multiple documents by content or a particular text string in mintues after the full content text index is created. Because the content search tool can also build index with file names, the text search widget will let you search files by file name. Therefore, when you search phrases inside a file, whether they are in the file content or its file name, Text Finding can give you a quite accurate text search result.

When file contents are frequently updated, you must find a good way to files that have already been changed? Some text search shareware products doesn't support incremental indexing. Text Finding can work smoothly in the case of changing text content search. It is a powerful desktop indexing search tool to find a file you need on your PC.

Text Finding can read all the texts inside files to build search indexes. This text indexing tool have an attractive advantage that can monitor all file text changes dynamically. When a text within an indexed file is modified or deleted, the text indexing software will update the relavant file text index. The incremental full text indexing process will automatically perform when the software is running. So the content search results will be newest and accurate no matter your files are changed a few minutes ago.

If you need to search for a text across a couple of computers in a LAN, it seems to be a headache that you don't know where those files are stored. Actually, this kind of cases will often happen when you are a team to work for a common project that have many files and documents to be shared but they are located on multiple computers. How to search files containing specific text across network computers? You must find a fast text searching tool to find a project file from your team's computers.

Text Finding is such a network file searching program that can meet your project needs. The network file finder tool can search multiple computers over network to quickly locate a file you need. You only need to runl the files searching tool on every computer in your office network, and generate full text search indexes, then you are able to search network files from your own desktop. To perform network file content search, Text Finding will assign an http server IP address to each target computer, and you may search files stored on networked computers by typing the http file server url in your browser search box. After the network file searching, you can also download the found files with your browser. In this way, your team can share files across local network or office LAN. So the text search application also can be your file sharing tool on network.


Text Finding is a great tool for programers who need search web and program source codes within their development files as long as they are plain-ASCII text format. The file types of program source codes include PB, C++, JAVA, VB, VC, Delphi, Pascal, C#, htm, html, asp, aspx, php, jsp, cfm, mspx, shtm, shtml,etc. So, Text Finding is very welcomed by software developers who working together as a project team in an office. Particularly, a project manager or leader will usually need search for some critical codes within multiple program source files in order to find a solution or fix some bugs for a software development project. As you know, every programer or developer has a lot of source files containing thousands of program codes inside. If a project team leader wants to find and view a program source files containing specific codes, it is very difficult to achieve this network finder task unless there is a fast LAN file finder software to help search files containing source codes on multiple computers over network.


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Why a full text index search software program is needed for quick file sarch?

Full text indexing is a necessary function for a file search tool. As we know, more files we accumulate on your desktop hard drives, more time it will cost for file content search to locate a specific file. Especailly, searching files by keywords or phrases is not a easy job when the file count and file size are very large. If you don't index texts inside files beforehand, text searching will be a time consuming task for any file locator. Therefore, you must find a file finder software tool that has a full text indexer inside in order to perform fast file searching. After file indexes are created for the folders or drives where your target files may store, the text search process will become very fast thereafter. Text Finding has full text indexing function to build index for your file search task. The indexing process and scope are fully controlled by users who can specify the file types and file locations to build search index. The file indexing tool only need create search index once for specific file search task. You will get quick file search results if you perform similar content search without rebuilding a search index. With the full text indexing technology, Text Finding lets you search your desktop PC or network to quickly discover files that contain specific content, such as a text string or a long sentence. This text searching program can fulfill your increasing file search needs at work. No matter you need search for text within PDF files or other documents at office every day, Text Finding definitely can be your great file content finder utility to search any file within your organizataion.

A good text search app, like Text Finding, will increase your work productivity when you find a document from numerous files on your PC computer. In addition, if you are working in a project team that need search and share lots of files across local network (LAN), the file search tool can quickly locate files (Word, Excel, PDF documents, etc.) that contain an exact phrase or text string you input into the search box inside the software. Text Finding is a superb text index and search tool for you search, view, share files across your network.

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